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We will accept a $200 non-refundable deposit on a puppy.  A refund will only be given if something should happen to the puppy before pickup and there is not another puppy available to replace it with.  Payment can be made through:  credit or debit cards, certified check, check or cash.  Certified checks or checks must be received at least 10 working days before delivery or pickup to ensure they are o.k. before we turn the puppy over to you. 


Please note that a 2.9% taxation charge will be added to your bill by Square if you chose to pay by credit or debit card.   If you choose to use a card, we will be able to process that directly with you by phone or in person.


When reserving or purchasing a puppy (please call first for availability at 402-482-5541 or 308-214-1273), please be sure to review our contract on our Contract page before making your decision.  If you do not agree with our contract, or have a question please contact us to discuss it before you make a deposit.  


For active members of the military and those military men or women who served and are now in need of a service dog, a 10% discount will be given.


Full payment will need to be made up to 7 days before pick up or delivery of the puppy unless we have made other arrangements with you.


Delivery to you by us is possible if you are unable to come and pick up your puppy.   We can either deliver it all the way to you (within the lower 48 states) or we can arrange a meeting point somewhere in between yourselves and us.   We would much rather you come and pick up your puppy, but we can work with you if that is not possible.  


If we are delivering the puppy ourselves, an extra charge will be figured in and added to the cost of the puppy according to the distance being driven (.50 cents per mile for any mileage over 200 miles one way).


We are not shipping puppies at this time; we have made the decision not to do so because of the problems that can so easily happen during shipping.  We want to deliver a healthy happy puppy to you, and for us that means the puppy is going to go directly from our hands to yours.



As we (as well as our dogs, as Rana is proudly sitting beside a retired member of our armed forces!) support our country and our soldiers who have given us all so very much, we will be donating a portion of each puppy’s purchase price to an organization which provides service dogs for wounded veterans.


These are organizations which takes rescued or donated dogs and puppies then trains them as service dogs to assist our returning veterans at home who are dealing with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), TBI (traumatic brain injury) and/or other issues.  


There are fantastic organizations who do not charge veterans for their service dogs, and we are happy and blessed to be able to help them and our returning veterans in this way. 


So far, we have been able to donate $2,000 to various organizations, including Wags4Warriors, Patriot Rovers, A Veteran's Best Friend and Patriot PAWS.




To contact us:


 Joe or Sue Bockerman                                                                                                Home phone: 402-482-5541  

  Hwy 281                                                                                                                    Cell#:308-214-1273          

 O'Neill,  NE.  68763                                                                                                   e-mail:














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