Upcoming and Available Puppies



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                   VA 4  Axl vom Drei Schwarze Engel                                                          VV2 Dilaila von Team Panoniansee

                                   IPO 1   KKL

                      There will be a repeat breeding of Axl and Deli next Spring, 2022.  

           If you would be interested in one of our puppies please give us a call or send a text or email.  We do keep a waiting list and it is filling fast.  We do not require a deposit to be on our wait list, and we go down the list as we have been contacted just to be fair.  If you wait until next Spring to call about puppies they more than likely will all be spoken for.

Contact information:

Home phone: 402-482-5541         Cell, call or text: 308-214-1273

Email: jsbockerman@hotmail.com