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                 Boomer, our first Shepherd

Here at Adalheit German Shepherds

our love for the German Shepherd goes back many years, to a time when most couples aren’t considering what type of a dog but rather what type of china they want!  My wedding gift from my husband was a beautiful black and silver Czech bred German Shepherd puppy, and he was the very best gift an animal lover like me could have received.   From there a permanent, lifelong love for this breed developed.


Throughout these years we have had many Shepherds in our home, and truly felt our family was incomplete when we did not have one.  We have been involved with breeding dogs for many years, and in 2012 we decided it is time to be more invested with the breed that is truly #1 in our hearts.  So our search began to find quality puppies and adult dogs for ourselves to start our breeding program, which is more than just a "program" to us.  This is a serious commitment, and our dogs are a priority in our life. They are not just breeding dogs out in a kennel, but a very personal part of our family as they all spend time with us, getting in that personal bonding time that is so important as they ARE our family.


As we stated before, we have taken care to find and obtain beautiful, healthy breeding stock so that our puppies will be healthy, happy additions to your home. Our dogs are all either OFA or FCI(European)certified on their hips and elbows and we like to have either Good or Excellent ratings. MDR1(multiple drug resistant), and the Hyperuricosuria gene(excess uric acid) DNA testing is done and all dogs are clear.  We also test for DM, even though it is a test that has not been proven to be accurate for the German Shepherd.  Even with that, we do not breed any dog that gets a result of A/A, which means they may have 2 mutated copies of the gene that produces DM.


 We made the decision to not get our dogs titled,  for us the strong pedigrees speak for themselves that they are from excellent breeding.  This is a personal choice that is much debated but we feel we have made the right choice for us.  The quality and potential is there as all of our dogs come from very strong show and working/sporting lines from  European kennels with many, many titled dogs in their lineage.   And with that we also choose our dogs carefully concerning their temperaments. The best pedigree in the world means nothing when it is attached to an aggressive, unstable dog.  


Thanks for checking out our site, and we hope you find that perfect fit of a wonderful German Shepherd companion for yourself!


For as Roger Caras states:  "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole."



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

Home (402)482-5541 or Cell (308)214-1273 


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