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          V 4 (Croatia)  Axl vom Drei Schwarze Engel  IPO 1   Kkl


                             Axl will be retiring from breeding this year, however, we do still                               have frozen semen from him that we will continue to use to breed Deli.




    Sire: VA Enosch von Amasis SCHH3  Kkl 1                                         Dam: SG Tyra von der Kanisfluh IPO 1







We are so excited to have added Axl to our family and to our breeding program.  Axl is an European import with a very impressive pedigree. 

His sire, VA Enosh von Amasis is considered to be one of the top ten male progeny of his sire, Ober Bad Boll.   Axls'  Grandsires: VA1 Ober Bad-Boll and VA2 SP V15 BSZS '10 Kanto von der Karl-May Hohle.   Granddams and Great Granddams include: VA11 Aike zum Gigelsfelsen, V Gina von der Karl-May Hohle, and V Pinta von Regina Pacis.


 Axl himself has competed in many shows in Europe,  he has won many trophies and has earned his V(Vyborny--or Excellent) rating title, his IPO1(an International sport evaluating a dog's ability in Tracking, Obedience, and Protection) and his Kkl(German title for breeding conformation which a dog in Germany must pass in order to breed).   He is also registered in the Croatian German Shepherd Dog Stud Book.


Axl has medium drive with a higher prey drive.  He is very easy to work with and gets along well with other dogs.  He also does very well meeting new people with no aggression or shyness.  He really loves being with his people and follows you everywhere you go--a trait that German Shepherd owners are very familiar with!


He is a beautiful black and red with a beautiful, expressive dark face, nice heavy bone and nice topline.  The puppies he has sired  for us have been beautiful, and are turning into really solid adult dogs.  You can see pictures  of what he is producing by going to "photos" then click on "puppy pictures"


 He also carries a recessive gene for long stock coat.  His puppies can either be a Standard( Stock Coated puppy) or a Long Standard( Long Stock Coated puppy)if  he is bred with a female also carrying the longcoat gene.  The long stock coated puppies will have an undercoat the same as the standard coat, they will just end up being longer haired.  These dogs can be absolutely stunning!


Axl's  DNA tests all came back clear for DM, Hyperuricosuria and MDR1.  His hips were SV rated in Germany, they are A1 (excellent) and his elbows are A1 normal as well.


Combined with our females and their pedigrees, Axl's progeny will be great all-around dogs ready for anything you would want to use them for.

Click on "see pedigree" to view Axl's pedigree:  See Pedigree         Click here to see Axl doing some practice bite work: Axl bitework


Youtube video of Axls sire doing bitework:


Youtube video of Axls' grandsire VA1 Ober Bad Boll:


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