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Adalheit German Shepherds would love to welcome you to the beautiful Sandhills of North Central Nebraska!

What words come to mind as you think of the German Shepherd Dog?  Protection?  Trainability?  Police work?  Guide Dogs?  Service Dogs? Search and Rescue? All-around family dog?  Herder/Tender?

Those are all certainly apt and accurate words for this wonderful breed, and our goal is to produce just what you think a German Shepherd dog should be.  Our dogs have proven to us over and over again that they are one of the greatest breeds of dogs out there and that is what we are desiring to pass on to you!


 We have foundation stock from some of the best kennels in this country as well as overseas so that we may be sure of one thing - our puppies will be healthy, happy additions to your family.  We think their pedigrees and pictures will speak for themselves and the puppies our dogs produce could be well suited physically as well as mentally for any task you ask of them, from search and rescue training to agility, obedience to herding, guide dog to therapy, or by “simply” being a beloved member of your family. 


All of our dogs are AKC registered and their hips and elbows have been cleared with either the OFA  (American) or FCI (European).  They have also been DNA checked for and have been cleared of  DM, Multidrug Resistance 1 and Hyperuricosuria. 


Please browse through our site and check out our pedigrees, we think you will agree with us that “THIS  is the dog for you!”




If you have any questions or would like to come for a visit,  please feel free to contact us at:

Home (402)482-5541 or Cell (308)214-1273    Email:      


Joe or Sue Bockerman                                   To go to our facebook page, click here:   Like us on Facebook!

O'Neill  NE.  68763



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